More Momentum for Corporate Weblogs

The New York Times recently published an article called "The Corporate Blog Is Catching On" (registration required). It profiles a number of executives that have blogs and believe in their utility. And, it doesn't contain real links, so I've included real links below for you...

I really believe that there is a place for weblogs in corporations, but it will take a while and some more positive examples before business leaders will agree to having a blog or let their employees create blogs under the corporate banner. The folks in the article are the some of the first to jump in- and they are mostly tech-related, as you might guess.

Here are links to executive blogs and quotes from the article :

Alan Meckler, CEO of JupiterMedia- Described his blog as "a diary of the ups and downs of trying to do something monumental."

James L. Horton, senior director at Robert Marston & Associates. Check out his paper in .pdf format: "PR and Blogging- How to Think About It"

Tim O'Reilly , president of O'Reilly & Associates. "...views blogging as a way for chief executives to do an end run around the company's public relations firms and "glossy brochures" and speak directly to customers and vendors."

Christopher Ireland , the chief executive of Cheskin "...vetoed a proposed newsletter this year as "too tired and overused" and instead created a space on the company Web site for employees' blogs." Also, Check out the prominent display of "weblogs" on the Cheskin home page.

John G. Palfrey , executive director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at the Harvard Law School. "Once you get to the point where lawyers review everything in a blog, it ain't a blog anymore"

Ray Ozzie, chief executive of Groove Networks Check out Groove's Corporate Blog policy.

It's good to see these folks coming out and saying that it works for them. It won't be long until more traditional businesses see that blogs give a corporate web site a real voice. It allows cutomers to see the real people behind the marketing.