Amazon, eBooks, Zombies and New Videos

Here’s a quick update about the status of The Art of Explanation and some things we have planned over the next month. 

The book is currently shipping from Amazon and making its way to other bookstores now. By October 23rd, it should be everywhere. If you have a copy, I’d love to hear your thoughts. You could be the first to write a review on Amazon!
Many of you have asked about eBooks. The Art of Explanation will be available as an eBook, and I expect it to be for sale by the end of the month. There will two versions:
  1. Standard eBook - This version is what you’re used to seeing on the Kindle, Nook, etc. 
  2. Enhanced eBook - This version will work on tablets and have some of our videos embedded into the book.  This way you can watch the videos we use as examples right along with the text.  I’m really excited about this version.

UPDATED:  The Art of Explanation is now available in ebook form.  You can find all options here

We have a number of things planned for the next couple of weeks... 

  • We’ve built a couple of completely new websites that will offer a fun way to learn explanation tips from the book.  You’ll love it.
  • We’ll be sharing a short feature about Common Craft created by a talented documentary film team.  If you’ve ever wanted a peek behind the scenes to see how our videos are made, this is for you. You’ll see each part of the process and maybe even get to know us a little better
  • Because Halloween is just around the corner, we want to reacquaint folks with Zombie Survival techniques. But this time we’re finishing the explanation!  We call it the “Redux”. Coming soon!
  • And of course, we’re publishing a new video we think you’ll like.  It’s in our Net Safety category just like our video Protecting Reputations Online.
Looking a little further ahead, we just learned that I’ll be speaking about the Art of Explanation at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, TX. Thanks for voting to help make this happen. Maybe you can meet us there! :)
Lots of fun things to come - and I’ll keep you updated here on the blog.