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Blogs-n-Dogs Day One

Posted by: leelefever on December 4, 2005- 4:00pm

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I'm struck by how big the subject of blogs has become. A blog itself is one thing, but the world of products, tools and services that accompany blogs is very nearly overwhelming. Subscribing to a tag on flickr with RSS is not something that tanslates easily to people new to blogging. There has been a great mix of cool tools and practical points today. Here are some highlights in list form...Darren Barefoot and Susie Gardner related these points about blog writing... It's not about the most... Continue Reading

Greetings from Banff

Posted by: leelefever on December 3, 2005- 4:00pm

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This is going to be fun. We just got into Banff this afternoon and the mountains are big and the temps are low, like single digits. Blog-n-dogs is going to give me a full helping of geek over the next few days. Right now in Kris Krug's room there are 7 people, 8 computers and quite inexplicably, a double turntable with a mixer.

Mobile Blogging via Treo 650

Posted by: leelefever on November 16, 2005- 4:00pm

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I've been geeking out a lot on all the things we can do with gadgetry on the trip. You might remember that I first posted about a device (the i-Mate PDA2K) back in June that I thought would be good for mobile blogging. I've been using a PalmOne Treo 650 for the last couple of months and I think it's going to be the close-to-perfect gadget for our needs on the trip. Over at TwinF I posted a bit about all the capabilties I've been testing. Tags: twinf, gadgetry, geek, mobile, moblogging

Blogs'n'Dogs: A Workshop in Banff, Alberta, Canada

Posted by: leelefever on October 19, 2005- 5:00pm

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Rain City Studios and the Banff New Media Institute (BNMI) have put together a very, very cool event. It’s called Blogs-n-Dogs and it’s a four day event in Banff, Alberta, Canada that includes workshops and information sessions on topics like: Managing your public life online Blogging and the arts: Web 2.0 independent music publishing, photographers and artists Personal blogs and portals Blog writing style How to make money with your blog Building your community and traffic,... Continue Reading

Spanking New: 43 Places from the Robot Co-op

Posted by: leelefever on June 22, 2005- 5:00pm

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I'll be talking a lot more about this soon, but I wanted to post a quick link to 43 Places, the latest from my homies here in Seattle, the Robot Coop, of 43 Things fame. Update: At the time of this writing (6/26/05), 43 Places is not yet public, but should be soon. It's all about where you've been and where you want to go. I'm digging the cool mapping features and the other 43 things-style goodness. Like 43 Things, it's a blog for people who aren't necessarily "bloggers". Instead of the... Continue Reading

Tagging for Mom and Pop

Posted by: leelefever on May 10, 2005- 5:00pm

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We stayed at a small mom and pop “resort" in the San Juan Islands last weekend called WestBeach Resort. There were three families there and all have at least one blog. Everyone took pictures and everyone has Flickr. Aside from marveling at the total nerd-dom of all involved, I thought about tagging. I’ve tagged all of my photos from the trip on Flickr (and this post) with the “westbeach�? tag. This made me think about the folks who run WestBeach and what this tagging stuff means to... Continue Reading

Random Reflections on Gambling

Posted by: leelefever on February 7, 2005- 4:00pm

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I survived Vegas with about even money in my pocket and quite a few hours of lost sleep -- sleep I’m still trying to get back. It seems like it’s taking me longer and longer to recover from such weekends as I get older. I had to take a power nap a little while ago to get through the day. I’ve been thinking about the whole gambling thing and what a heathen I am. OK, not really. I’ve really been thinking about two types of gambling: with machines and with people. I don’t like... Continue Reading

Online Vermin and Refactoring Weblogs

Posted by: leelefever on February 2, 2005- 4:00pm

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There’s a lot going on out there and I wish I had more time to take it all in. I’m about to leave town tomorrow morning for a bachelor party so I’m posting the bare minimum here. A couple of things that caught my eye recently: Amy Gahran has been posting a series called Handling Porcupines, Trolls, and Other Online Vermin that is about understanding and working with people who have poor online communication skills. Someone who has a lot of experience in the area above is Tom Coates.... Continue Reading

Tech-Mucking in Silicon Valley

Posted by: leelefever on February 4, 2004- 4:00pm

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I just arrived in the Silicon Valley for the Technology Muck-About. I imagine you might say to yourself- what in the *&$^ is that? Well, here's a little background... Last fall I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Muck-About, which was a chance for a small group of folks to get together (on and off-line) and talk about communities of practice. It occurred on the Washington State coast over 3 days in October 2003. At the end of the first event, a group of us realized that we... Continue Reading