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NewsGator Rocks for RSS

Posted by: leelefever on November 20, 2003- 4:00pm

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So I'm just starting to use NewsGator for reading RSS feeds and so far I'm really impressed. I use Outlook to manage a lot of information and having the RSS feeds come into Outlook folders is key for me. I haven't really tried that many alternatives, but it's surely the best I've seen so far. I think it takes us one-step closer to having an tool that makes RSS easy for the non-geeks out there. If you're not sure what RSS is, go here.

Change your RSS Feed to Include Whole Entries with MT

Posted by: leelefever on September 23, 2003- 5:00pm

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If you have no idea what RSS is, go here. Recently a reader sent me an email saying he had a wish for me. That wish was for me to change my RSS feed so that it included whole entries instead of just an excerpt. Being a user of a news aggregator myself, I knew exactly what he meant. It bugs me sometimes to have to visit a site to finish reading an entry. So, I set off to find out how… I found a solution to the issue in the comments of this post at Electrolite. Apparently, there is another,... Continue Reading

Dan Gillmor: RSS Hitting Critical Mass

Posted by: leelefever on August 17, 2003- 5:00pm

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Silicon Valley - Dan Gillmor's eJournal - RSS Hitting Critical Mass If you are completely new to RSS, which most people are, it is gaining a lot of steam lately because it offers a way to use the Internet without a browser and without email. I've posted a couple of things that attempted to explain RSS in simple terms and why it's getting popular- if you're interested. Dan Gillmor does a good job (as usual) in this article about RSS hitting critical mass. Here are some quotes I liked... Chris... Continue Reading

Dan Gillmor: Interview in Online Community Report

Posted by: leelefever on July 31, 2003- 5:00pm

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Online Community Report: Interview with Dan Gillmore I really like these short and insightful interviews by Jim Cashel. In this one Dan Gillmore talk about the value of online communities, group interaction and weblogs. Some good quotes: What we need to see is a big company really open itself to what the Cluetrain guys were talking about: the market as a conversation. I just don't see it happening yet, but it will. Man, so true, the Cluetrain Manifesto first lit my fire for all this stuff... Continue Reading

Pushing the Envelope: The ECHO Project

Posted by: leelefever on June 29, 2003- 5:00pm

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When I first got into doing weblogs, I kept hearing about something called "RSS" as a way to read web log entries. I didn't get a full understanding of it until a few weeks ago when I got an RSS reader. I'll save a better definition for later, but having an RSS reader is a little like checking email, except what you are reading are posts on web sites that you've chosen to subscribe to. It keeps you from having to visit each site to read the recent messages. The messages are "pushed" to you... Continue Reading