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Why I Stopped Reading Blogs (for a while)

Posted by: leelefever on September 13, 2008- 5:00pm

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1000+ items.  That's what Google Reader told me I need to read to catch up with my RSS subscriptions.  It's intimidating.  My RSS feeds were mocking me. I could see them with sneaky voices "hee hee, you'll never read me, you don't have the time. ha ha."  The sad part is, they were right. I stopped opening my RSS reader months ago.  It wasn't a concerted effort, I just didn't do it. What I found was that longer I stayed away, the easier it was to stay away.  Returns diminished with each passing... Continue Reading

Assuming Too Much About The Web We See

Posted by: leelefever on May 19, 2008- 5:00pm

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I wouldn't call it disappointment, but rather a dose of reality.  I spent the last week in Las Vegas at the Community 2.0 conference and with my family thereafter.  Coming back, I must say that the trip gave me some much-needed perspective. Let me explain.We work from home.  We make videos, we put them on the Web, people watch them.  We track our views, our Technorati links, our mentions in Twitter, our blog comments. A good percentage of people we see in social situations in Seattle are aware... Continue Reading

Our Story of Getting Started with Online Video

Posted by: leelefever on May 4, 2008- 5:00pm

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We're often asked how we got started with our videos.  Here's the story. It all started with an online community.  It was the latter part of 1999 and I was working in a healthcare data company called HBSI (which was eventually merged into non-existence).  The customers were asking for a way to work together across hospitals.  So, a few of us started an email group on eGroups, which is now Yahoo Groups.  Through this experiment and the online community that grew out of it, I discovered my... Continue Reading

Are Spammers Machiavellian?

Posted by: leelefever on April 28, 2008- 5:00pm

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It started with a tweet.  Eddie Codel described Boston's streets as "Kafkaesque."  I found it on Wikipedia (it means disorienting), along with a listing of other name-inspired words. One caught my eye: Machiavellianism. The first line of the Wikipedia entry:Machiavellianism is the term that some social and personality psychologists use to describe a person's tendency to deceive and manipulate others for personal gain.It comes from Nicollo Machiavelli, a Renaissance writer, diplomat, etc. known... Continue Reading

I Switched to a Mac - Here Are The Notes

Posted by: leelefever on April 17, 2008- 5:00pm

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I switched.  It happened about 2 weeks ago, I made a Macbook my primary computer for the first time.  We've had a Mac around the house for a while, but I've been loyal to my little Sony Vaio, which has been mostly flawless for about 2.5 years. It was a good one. But alas, I wanted a Mac, and it has come to pass. Along the way, I've been taking some stream-of-consciousness notes on my perceptions before doing any research. I'm using Leopard, btw. Here goes: I'm still learning, but today was... Continue Reading

Own It

Posted by: leelefever on April 5, 2008- 5:00pm

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What is the point where many projects get off track? We think it's when decision making becomes a burden.  Indecision, lack of ownership and unclear reasoning often means stasis and frustration.  Over the past year, and likely through traveling together, Sachi and I have evolved a system that helps us be productive without wasting time.  It's a system of ownership - of being personally accountable for the small decisions that contribute to the overall goal. Early in the process, we talk a lot... Continue Reading

Talkin' Bout My Education

Posted by: leelefever on March 26, 2008- 5:00pm

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Looking back at my education, I wasn't a great student.  I made decent grades and went to a good university and grad school, but school was never my thing.  Looking back, I can pin-point a couple of points at which I lost faith. It was sixth grade and I was in a math class with Mrs. Paine (it's true - Paine).  The subject was least common denominators.  I didn't get it.  My worksheets came back with red marks, but I didn't really understand what I was supposed to be doing.  The class moved on... Continue Reading

10 Photos from Our Time in Japan

Posted by: leelefever on February 17, 2008- 4:00pm

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The delicious food, the amazingly nice people, the sites, the experience, Japan is one of our favorite places. Thankfully one of our friends moved there recently and has an extra bedroom (thanks Ken!).  Before the planning was done, 5 of us from Seattle decided to go. The photos below will give you a taste of our time there.I took 2,900 photos in the 15 days we were gone. You can see a set of 135 photos on Flickr. The photo below is one of my all time favorites.  We happened to be a Meiji... Continue Reading

Signing Off for a While

Posted by: leelefever on January 30, 2008- 4:00pm

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Dear reader, we will return in a couple of weeks time - please don't forget about us.  We'll be thinking of you.  In the mean time, here are some words to live by: While this blog won't be updated, you may find new things on Flickr and Twitter.  See ya soon!

Having an Old Dog

Posted by: leelefever on January 24, 2008- 4:00pm

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He's 13, his breath smells really bad, he's deaf, he walks like a retired football player, begs with renewed vigor and is increasingly obstinate.  Indeed, the old dog experience is so different than the young dog experience. He's still the same sweet dog, but with new quirks that keep things new, even in old age. He is not the Frisbee catching dog of yesteryear. He is more like Jabba the Hut. A deaf Jabba the Hut with with a better disposition. His deafness is sad and amusing at the same time... Continue Reading