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Part of becoming more digitally literate is adopting a digital lifestyle. That means using computers, devices and the internet to communicate and create. This video explains the basics of living a digital lifestyle.
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Video Transcript:

Not long ago, before the Internet, we lived a limited kind of lifestyle where location mattered more. To communicate with friends and family we needed to be near a phone, or see them in person. To learn about the news, weather and sports, we needed to find a newspaper, television or radio.

Finding communities of people, activities and opportunities was more difficult because they were far away and hidden from view.

Today, things have changed and now it’s now possible to live a more digital lifestyle that takes advantage of computers, smart phones and the internet. Using these tools, you can reach far beyond your local area and find new opportunities to be more informed and productive.

Consider Angie’s story. For most of her life, she wasn’t that interested in technology. Her world was limited and she felt like she was falling behind. But now that she is using the internet and a smart phone, her lifestyle has changed for the better.

Now Angie is part of a digital community, just like her friends and family. By using technology, she is more engaged and informed than ever before. She can now learn about news and weather any time she wants.

But more than that, she’s able to connect to events and people who are working to make her community better.  Angie’s digital lifestyle means that her reach has grown to include opportunities she never saw before.

There are a few things that make this digital lifestyle work for Angie. First is her online identity. This is how others know who she is online. Her online identity makes many things possible.

Second is social networking. Using websites and apps, Angie is able to create a personal account and connect to people and organizations that interest her.

These connections mean she has access to online communities of people and a constant supply of news and information that motivates her and helps her make more informed decisions.

Third is social media. Using her computer or phone, Angie is able to easily create and share her own digital media, like photos, videos, audio and articles.

She loves creating media and sharing it on her social networks for friends, family and peers to see and acknowledge. Today it’s hard for Angie to imagine what it was like before her digital lifestyle. Now, thanks to technology she has more opportunities and connections than ever.


What it teaches:

This video is part of our Online Basics series designed for people who are getting started with the Internet. It explains the benefits of the digital lifestyle through the story of Angie, who discovers how the Internet can connect her to communities of people and help her find new opportunities. The video also explains a few of the basic tools and services she needs to get started. It teaches:

  • Why a normal lifestyle limits her ability to communicate and work with others
  • Why a digital lifestyle is different from a normal lifestyle
  • The role her online identity plays in her digital lifestyle
  • How Angie uses social networking to connect to friends and family

  • How Angie uses social media to share what she creates online

Video Info:

  • Duration:  02m 49s
  • Captions Available:  YES
  • Lesson Plan:  YES
  • Category:  Technology, Society
  • ISTE Standard:  Global Collaborator, Indicator 7a
  • ACRL Info Literacy Frame:  Information Has Value

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