Lee LeFever - Keynote Speaker

Common Craft Founder Lee LeFever is a sought-after keynote speaker thanks to his personal, engaging style and rich multimedia presentations. His talks are designed to inspire the audience to think differently about how they communicate and learn to explain complex ideas with confidence.

Lee's talks are constantly evolving and focus on the ideas and strategies in his book The Art of Explanation. A recent teaser is below:

Professionals explain ideas every day, but we rarely take a step back and consider how to make ourselves more understandable. Lee LeFever will help you take a fresh look at what makes explanations work (or not), how to solve explanation problems and put explanations to work in creating positive change.

Audience: Executives, sales teams, educators and professionals who rely on clear, understandable communication. 

Lee often speaks at conferences and private corporate events. Recent public events include:

  • AgileDay NYC, New York, NY: October 2014
  • Information Development World, San Jose, CA: October 2014
  • Association for Institutional Research, Orlando, FL: May 2014
  • Beyond the Hype, Victoria, BC: November 2013
  • Amplify Festival, Sydney, Australia: June, 2013 (video)
  • WebVisions Portland, Portland, Or: May, 2013
  • Society for Technical Communication Summit, Atlanta, GA: May 2013
  • SXSW Interactive, Austin, TX: March 2013
  • Ignite Seattle, Seattle WA: November 2012 (video)


Lee LeFever is a game-changer. Thanks to his ideas, my team is better able to explain what we offer and why it matters.

Gary Kadi CEO, NextLevel Practice

As curator and producer of Amplify Festival in Sydney, Australia, I was delighted to include this consummate professional as innovation provocateur for corporate business audiences. His unique application of creativity and simplicity has become a best practice in clear communication and explanation. His preparation was thorough and the content was super-relevant, practical and easy to absorb. A real treasure!

Annalie Killian Founder, Curator & Executive Producer Amplify Festival Director of Innovation & Social Business, AMP


About Lee:

Lee LeFever is the Founder of Common Craft and author of The Art of Explanation. In 2007 Lee and wife Sachi started making short animated videos designed to explain complex ideas. Since then, Common Craft has won numerous awards, created explanations for the world's most respected brands and earned over 50 million online video views. Today, Common Craft's mission is to make the world a more understandable place by inspiring professionals to focus on explanation as a skill that can solve problems and create opportunities.

If you are interested in having Lee speak at your event, please contact us. Be sure to include the details for the event (date, place, length of presentation, etc.)