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Common Craft videos are used by educators around the world, from schools districts and libraries to universities and corporate training.

The reason? We’re the best at what we do. You won't find more useful resources for explaining computers and the internet.

Individuals have used Common Craft videos since 2007. Here's why:


❤️ People LOVE the videos. Along with being effective, they are succinct, informal, and creative. They provide an opportunity to see a complicated subject from a new perspective.

✅ Subjects that MATTER. Most videos in our library relate to the safe, responsible, and productive use of computers and the internet. Our style of explanation builds confidence and increased awareness of potential problems.

⏰  Save precious TIME. Our videos do the heavy lifting when it comes to explaining a big idea quickly. Instead of searching YouTube, use our library to learn in a clear and consistent format.

⭐️ Designed for MOST AGE GROUPS. Common Craft videos are meant for students, adults, and seniors.

$ Affordable and flexible PRICING. Our monthly "Streaming" plan is perfect for individual learners. Pay as you go, stop and restart at any time.

⚡️ EASY access. Simply log into the Common Craft website using any connected device to watch the videos full-screen, with or without captions.


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Audio and Captions: Common Craft videos include audio narration. If audio is not possible or you want to account for increased accessibility, use the “show captions” button with each video to stream the video with captions in English.

Teaching Aids: We provide downloadable lesson plans for each video that contain learning objectives, quiz questions, discussion questions, and links to related articles. Use these files to check your knowledge after watching a video. Download an Example

Video Packs: Our video packs can be an efficient way to discover, browse, and watch related videos.

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