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VizThink in Review

Posted by: leelefever on January 30, 2008- 4:00pm

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Text and bullet points - they are dead, or at least used inappropriately.  That was one of the overwhelming messages from VizThink, a two day conference on Visual Thinking.  We agree. This was the first (of hopefully many) conferences on visual thinking put on by VizThink, the brainchild of Dave Gray of Xplane.  It brought together people from around the world who focus in communicating with pictures. More info on the wiki.For example, on the first morning we sat down with three pediatric ER... Continue Reading

New Friends from Bar Camp Vancouver 2007

Posted by: leelefever on August 18, 2007- 5:00pm

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Pink shirts - that may be the one thing that will stick out years from now - the pink, er, fuchsia, shirts of BarCamp Vancouver 2007. This is not to say that the content and people weren't amazing - they were. But the shirts were unforgettable. This was my first actual Bar Camp, but I've become accustomed to the unconference format and really dig it. It gives everyone an equal chance to be involved in a low-key, highly diverse, fun environment with interesting people. It's no surprise that... Continue Reading

New Friends (and some old ones) from Gnomedex

Posted by: leelefever on August 12, 2007- 5:00pm

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I had high expectations for Gnomedex - a conference run by Chris Pirillo in Seattle. The only other one I went to was in 2005 and it was an amazing experience. There was this feeling of changing the world - people were hyped up and it was palpable. Unfortunately, this time around, I didn't feel the same. I didn't leave the event with an uplifted feeling - if anything, I left a bit of cynicism. As expected though, I met a raft load of interesting people so it was worth the effort by far... Continue Reading

Did You Miss Common Craft Week?

Posted by: leelefever on August 4, 2007- 5:00pm

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I'm not sure you realized, but it was Common Craft week last week. I know, it snuck up on you again. Me too! Really though, we were surpised and honored to see that the folks at New Media in the Land of Manana decided that such a week existed last week. Well, it started in Tuesday, but we'll call it even.Tuesday: The Common Craft Common Craft Wednesday: What is a Wiki? Common Craft Thursday: What is Social Networking? Common Craft Friday: 4600 in 2.2 minutes From what I can tell, the site... Continue Reading

SXSW and Community 2.0: New Friends and Favorite Topics

Posted by: leelefever on March 14, 2007- 5:00pm

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We're still reeling a bit from back-to-back conferences in two places that don't cater well to sleep or overall health: South-by-Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, Texas and Community 2.0 in Las Vegas. Conferences are a fire hose and six solid days is just too much to document. This entry is focused on some of the people and talks that mattered most to us. One of my favorite sessions of SXSW was called "People-Powered Products" with Derek Powazek of 8020 Publishing (makers of JPG Magazine), Heather... Continue Reading

New Friends of Common Craft

Posted by: leelefever on February 27, 2007- 4:00pm

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Across a few different conferences I've met some folks face-to-face that impressed me. Here's a shout out to some of these folks... I hope our paths cross again soon. Mark A. Smith is the founder of Mikonoclast, LLC. Mark's idea is all about connecting people through personal icons or Mikons that you can create, share, wear, etc. Look for Mikons at SXSW this year. Denise Wilton is the lead designer for Moo, a UK-based business that prints mini business/contact cards from your Flickr photos... Continue Reading

Dog Sledding or Blog Sledding (groan)

Posted by: leelefever on December 5, 2005- 4:00pm

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Blogs-n-Dogs today was much less about blogs and much more about dogs. We took a break, piled into the Howling Dog Tours vans and went up into the mountains for a couple of hours of dogsledding. Being that Common Craft is not so focused on recreation, I'll point you to the entry on TwinF, Eric Rice's videos and the Flickr tag blogsledding. Great, great fun.

Pre-GnomeDex BBQ Retrospective

Posted by: leelefever on September 7, 2005- 5:00pm

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I few months ago, I had a bar-b-cue at my house and invited the Internet to come over. It was the afternoon before GnomeDex and I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. I didn’t write about it much then, but the results were incredible and I hope others will do similar events. It all stated with the guys at Bryght, who planned to come over that afternoon. I offered a BBQ and someone mentioned that I should have something for other folks coming into town. I accepted the offer and, on a whim... Continue Reading

Seattle, Renaissance and the Creative Class

Posted by: leelefever on April 21, 2005- 5:00pm

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Jordan Rule, a former stranger who stayed at my house recently has a few things to say about his decision to quit his job and move to Seattle. On a related note, he previously pointed me to an article by Richard Florida about the Rise of the Creative Class. It opened my eyes to some of the reasons I, like Jordan, were so attracted to places like Seattle to start a career. Stuck in old paradigms of economic development, cities like Buffalo, New Orleans, and Louisville struggled in the 1980s and... Continue Reading

Jordan, Meet Seattle

Posted by: leelefever on April 17, 2005- 5:00pm

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A guest stayed with us this weekend as he looked for a place to live here in Seattle. He is a bright young guy named Jordan Rule and this is the story of how he got here. On Friday night over dinner, a friend of ours said this before Jordan arrived: “So, let me get this straight, you left a comment on this guy’s web site and now he’s staying in your HOUSE?�? My answer was yes, with a grin. This friend was looking at web sites in the old view- that web sites and people are different... Continue Reading