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Oh, THAT Kind of Video

The other day I was getting a haircut. Making small talk (it was a $15 haircut) she asks...

Barber: So are you going back to work after this?

Me: Sort of. I work from home.

Barber: Oh, that's cool. What do you do?

Me: Me and my wife make videos, in our basement. Well, I should say that we get paid to make videos.


Me: We have a little studio at home and we make short videos for businesses.

Barber: Oh, THAT kind of videos. I hear ya.

Me: No, no, no. Not THAT kind I swear. Our videos are instructional.


Me: I mean, our videos explain complex ideas in a simple way, using a whiteboard and paper.

Barber: Oh. So what are we doing with your hair today?