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Amy Jo Kim Guest Blogging on Many-to-Many

Posted by: leelefever on February 25, 2004- 4:00pm

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Amy Jo Kim (author of "Community Building on the Web) is the newest guest blogger at Corante's weblog that focuses on social software, Many-to-many. It's great to see Amy Jo getting exposure in the blog world. She's been a great resource for many years and fairly new to weblogs. It'll be great to see what she has to say on Many-to-Many.

Happy Birthday to

Posted by: leelefever on January 29, 2004- 4:00pm

Categories: blogging, personal


It was 1 year ago today that I posted my first public and personal weblog entry. To celebrate, has a completely new look- starting today. Time to get away from this computer and celebrate.

Interview with Zephyr Teachout- Internet Director, Dean Campaign

Posted by: leelefever on January 15, 2004- 4:00pm

Categories: blogging, community, interview, politics


The cyberbrains behind Howard Dean | This interview describes some of the goals and tactics in using the Internet for the Dean campaign. Some of the commenters in a previous post made the assumption that the campaign is all about weblogs. I think this interview shows a side of the campaign that's much more about using the Internet to get people out of their homes and interacting with one another face-to-face via resources like Is using the Internet for organizing and... Continue Reading

New Weblog: Amy Jo Kim

Posted by: leelefever on January 11, 2004- 4:00pm

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musings of a social architect I just wanted to send a quick shout-out to promote a new blogger- Amy Jo Kim. She wrote Community Building on the Web one of the standard books on the subject - and one that helped me immensely. Recently she was the VP of Social Architecture at I had the chance to have dinner with her and others at the online community summit and I'm glad to see she's taken the weblog leap. From what I can tell, she just getting started, so I'm hoping a little promotion... Continue Reading

The Onion: Mom Finds out About Blog

Posted by: leelefever on November 13, 2003- 4:00pm

Categories: blogging, humor


It's Friday afternoon- take a break and read something funny. The Onion comments on the blogs with the article: Mom Finds out About Blog "With the raw materials in my blog, she could actually construct an accurate picture of who I am. This is (edited) serious." "Really, the blog is just a record of what I think about the world and how I spend my free time," Widmar said. "In other words, exactly the sort of information that no 30-year-old wants his mom to have access to."   The Onion rocks.

Change your RSS Feed to Include Whole Entries with MT

Posted by: leelefever on September 23, 2003- 5:00pm

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If you have no idea what RSS is, go here. Recently a reader sent me an email saying he had a wish for me. That wish was for me to change my RSS feed so that it included whole entries instead of just an excerpt. Being a user of a news aggregator myself, I knew exactly what he meant. It bugs me sometimes to have to visit a site to finish reading an entry. So, I set off to find out how… I found a solution to the issue in the comments of this post at Electrolite. Apparently, there is another,... Continue Reading

Jio Ito: Jobs and the Strength of Weak Ties

Posted by: leelefever on August 17, 2003- 5:00pm

Categories: blogging, business, chat


In this entry Joi Ito describes how just hired two people from "IRC" a chat resources. Because they participated over time, he got to know them, became trustful of them and eventually hired them. I recently hired two people who were IRC regulars. I felt very comfortable after "getting to know them" over the last few months on IRC. Of course face to face meetings and interviews were essential, but the time spent with them on IRC really added to my ability to judge their character. His post... Continue Reading

The Blue Angels and Six Apart's TypePad

Posted by: leelefever on July 31, 2003- 5:00pm

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Below is a photo I took here in Seattle today. The Blue Angels come every year for a festival called SeaFair that centers on Lake Washington and Hydroplane races. There is a connection between this post and weblogs. I've been a beta tester for the forthcoming product from Six Apart (the Moveable Type folks) called "TypePad." Using my new typepad site, I've created a photo album with 16 pictures from the Blue Angels. Check it out. My prediction is that Typepad is going to take blogging to... Continue Reading

Dan Gillmor: Interview in Online Community Report

Posted by: leelefever on July 31, 2003- 5:00pm

Categories: blogging, business, interview, rss


Online Community Report: Interview with Dan Gillmore I really like these short and insightful interviews by Jim Cashel. In this one Dan Gillmore talk about the value of online communities, group interaction and weblogs. Some good quotes: What we need to see is a big company really open itself to what the Cluetrain guys were talking about: the market as a conversation. I just don't see it happening yet, but it will. Man, so true, the Cluetrain Manifesto first lit my fire for all this stuff... Continue Reading

Pushing the Envelope: The ECHO Project

Posted by: leelefever on June 29, 2003- 5:00pm

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When I first got into doing weblogs, I kept hearing about something called "RSS" as a way to read web log entries. I didn't get a full understanding of it until a few weeks ago when I got an RSS reader. I'll save a better definition for later, but having an RSS reader is a little like checking email, except what you are reading are posts on web sites that you've chosen to subscribe to. It keeps you from having to visit each site to read the recent messages. The messages are "pushed" to you... Continue Reading