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List of Business Blog Resources

Last week I needed to put together a presentation about how enterprises are using blogs, particularly in the context of learning/leadership development in larger organizations.

The links below were a bit of a dumping ground for anything I found- some are more relevant than others. Thanks to the folks who sent email and commented with input. If you have additions, please let me know... Enjoy!

Jeremy Wright, Ensight: List of Fortune 500s that blog:

Jeremy Wright: List of other businesses that blog:

GM Fastlane Blog

GM Fastlane Code of Ethics:

Ford Mustang Blog

Soulsoup- 7 strategies for elearning

Kathleen Gilroy, Otter Group: Winning the Race for Knowledge Worker Productivity (.pdf)

Jay Cross and eLearning

David Sifry- State of the blogosphere

Lee's Winning Weblog Elevator Pitch

Randy's Blog (Boeing)

Scoble's Corporate Weblog Manifesto:

Wall Street Journal: Blogs keep internet readers coming back

Six Apart: Standford Case Study

HP Exec blogs:

Rich Marcello's blog

All HP Exec Blogs

Ross Mayfield: Disney blogs and wikis

Kalsey Presentation: Weblogs- Threat or Opportunity

John Udell: Publishing a project weblog

IAOC Blog: IBM has 2800 internal blogs

Nev on: Financial times on Internal Blogs

Nev on: Intel CEO blogs internally

Interview with Michael Wiley, GM fastlane blog (Holtz and Hobson):

Interview with Scoble by Holtz and Hobson

Nev On: Forrester Vision of blogging

Info world: blogging behind the firewall

Corporatye Blogging: Six types of business blogs

Gilbane Report: Blogs and Wikis for the Enterprise

Fortune: Why There is No Escaping the Blog

Sifry: Corporate Blogging Graph

CEO Bloggers: ROI of Blogs

Pollard, Dave (2003a). Blogs in Business - The Weblog as Filing Cabinet. How to Save the World.

Pollard, Dave (2003b). A Weblog-Based Content Architecture for Business. How to Save the World.

Pollard, Dave (2004). Confessions of a CKO: What I should have done. How to Save the World.

Martin Roell: introducing blogs in medium and large enterprises (.pdf):

Martin Roell: Organisational Benefits of Personal Publishing

Bill Gates on Blogs and RSS

Michael Angeles Presentation in pdf: Supporting Knowledge Management with Blogs

Michael Angeles: Weblog as an information service in a corporate Library

D Keith Robinson: A Movable Type Intranet

Similar to Sifry's Blogosphere graphs: Email Adoption graph

Lawyer Blog Stark and Stark

Sun Microsystems- Blog Heaven

Northfield Construction

Stonyfield Farms