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We can help you become an explanation specialist.

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Start your life as an explainer with Common Craft Membership. Prices start at just $49 per year. It provides:


Make your presentation or video remarkable with 800+ digital images in Common Craft Style, plus Know-How resources for using them.

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Educate others with 50+ ready-made video explanations that you can embed on your website or download for offline use.

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We Wrote the Book on Explanation

The Art of Explanation

A book by Lee LeFever

The Art of Explanation will help you become an explainer.

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The Explainer Network

Our network of custom video producers can create short, animated videos that make your product or service easier to understand.

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This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation & the change it can create. 

Seeking Producers of Video Explanations

We see an opportunity for a win-win.  Every day, we receive multiple emails from organizations that are looking for custom explanatory videos.  As we've changed our focus away from making custom videos, we can't help. Until recently, we didn't know where to point these prospects.  Thankfully, we're starting to see producers who are developing a specialty in producing explanatory videos - and we're looking for more.

The opportunity we see is to create a way, through our website, to help organizations find video producers who can be hired to produce custom videos. To this end, we're looking for video producers who are interested in (and capable of) taking on this kind of business.  Our goal is to find serious producers of high-quality, handcrafted explanatory videos.

What's an explanatory video? It's a short video that has the goal of making something complex easy-to-understand.  

If you are an interested producer, or know of organizations that may be interested, please contact us.  Thanks!