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Marketing Sherpa Says: Email Not Dead

MarketingSherpa.com : Email Survey Says Email Not Dead

According to 2,327 marketers in-the-field who reported their data in last week's MarketingSherpa Email Metrics Survey, email is not dead yet. Not even close to dying. (Not even coughing a little.)

Last week I said email is not dead and I was happy to see these results. The writers say that companies are learning to measure and test more effectively and this is contributing to better rates.

I personally don't focus on email marketing. I do, however, believe email is the most effective way to raise interest and participation in online communities- which is a form of marketing I suppose.

When my Mom is ready for an alternative to email, email will be dead. When there are as many RSS aggregators as browsers, email will be dead. Until then, viva la email.

Via: ReachCustomersOnline