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WebEx vs. Microsoft

Tech Biz: Microsoft's next target: WebEx - Sep. 17, 2003

It will be really interesting to watch the competition between Microsoft- who has just release "Live Event" and WebEx. Live Event is basically a repackaged version of Placeware, which was WebEx's biggest competition. Both of these are Web Conferencing platforms.

about Web Conferencing:

Web Conferences allow people to hold real-time meetings using a website. Usually, web conference attendees are sit at their computers, interact via a normal telephone, and watch a presentation that is controlled remotely by the meeting organizer.

In my experience, Web Conferencing works. it'll never replace face-to-face, but it's a great alternative to traveling for training. I think it's here to stay and will become an essential part of business productivity.

As the article outlines, we can expect this sort of technology to be integrated into existing systems like Microsoft Office in the future.

Via: Business Pundit