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Blogs-n-Dogs Day One

I'm struck by how big the subject of blogs has become. A blog itself is one thing, but the world of products, tools and services that accompany blogs is very nearly overwhelming. Subscribing to a tag on flickr with RSS is not something that tanslates easily to people new to blogging.

There has been a great mix of cool tools and practical points today. Here are some highlights in list form...

Darren Barefoot and Susie Gardner related these points about blog writing...

  • It's not about the most traffic, but the best traffic.
  • Blogging is all about telling stories.
  • Personality must be revealed for a blog to be successful- give of yourself and be honest
  • People will (or should) feel that they know you through your blog
  • Show real knowledge- about what? it doesn't matter as long as there is passion and real information.
  • It helps to be a good writer who can write quickly.
  • Humor is helpful if well-placed
  • Be conversational, warm, truthful, honest
  • Darren criticizes only people in the public domain
  • Linking is good for your blog, your readers. Remember to link appropriately.
  • Write often and be consistent in your frequency
  • Use good, clear, titles. Clever is good, but not for search engines.

Along with myself and Will Pate, Kris Krug did a rapid-fire review of sites like:

Will finished up our section with a review of how he's turned his site into a "digital lifestyle aggregator" or "DLA" if you want to be Web 2.0 buzzword/acronym compliant. Basically, this means that his site is now made up of posts from on a number of other sites.

6 Trends in eMarketing from Robert Scales

  1. Blogs will continue and gain more momentum
  2. Web 2.0 tools will proliferate
  3. Accessiblility thanks to US section 5.8 www.webaim.org
  4. Open Culture - increased access to open platforms
  5. Meta Data - folksonomies and tags
  6. Podcasting - Media powered by individuals

Susie Gardner - Marketing and PR in the Blogosphere

  • Consumers don't trust traditional advertising methods
  • Consumers don't believe that all businesses are run by liars
  • The idea that a consumer can actually talk to people within a business is refreshing
  • Blogs open new opportunties to communicate with the market

10 Strategic Benefits of Blogging

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Direct Communication
  • Brand Building
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Relational Marketing
  • Exploit Niches
  • Public Relations
  • Reputation Management
  • Position as Expert Status
  • Build Trust

Good stuff. The first day is just about over and I'm venturing out into the weather right now. It's supposed to get to -13(f) tonight. Surely the coldest weather I've felt...