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Members Control the Images on 43 Places

I jumped the gun a bit in my initial announcement about 43 Places. So, here is a little look at some of what I think is interesting about it. The concept is essentially the same the same as 43 Things except the things are places, and you either want to go, or have been.

According to the Robots, one of the surprising successes from 43 Things was cheers and how often people use the feature. Cheers are like one-click encouragement -- you click a "cheer this" link to signal a little encouragement or whuffie to the member. On both 43 Places and 43 Things, you can now cheer goals, places and entries.

43 Places has taken the cheers idea and applied it to images for each place. As you can see on pages like this, the image integration in 43 Places is pretty striking. The images come from uploads by member and Flickr, offering a wide selection of pictures for each place.

Each image for a place can be cheered and the most cheered pictures will be the ones displayed for a particular place. France has a dominant image that has been cheered many times and may stay for a while.

I really like using cheers as a way to democratize the visual appearance of the places. Hopefully, each place will eventually have pictures that match with what the members believe to be the most accurate representations of the places.