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Is it a Tag Cloud? Weighted List? Zeitgeist?

We've seen them on Del.icio.us, Technorati, Flickr, 43 Things, Upcoming.org, Amazon and even personal blogs (scroll), but I'm hearing all sorts of different names. You know what I'm talking about- right? The groupings of words with the size of the text indicating the popularity or frequency of the word.

I heard a new one today from Zeldman, who calls it a "tag cloud", which he says is the new mullet. Funny. I like the "cloud" part, but it's not just tags (See Amazon or 43 Things above). My favorite, right now is a "weighted list", albeit vanilla. Amazon calls their's "concordance" and I've heard zeitgeist too.

So, what do you call this thing? What should it be called?

(This snippet is from Flickr)