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Common Craft- Now Offering Caddy Services

I’m not a huge golf fan, but I usually try to watch the last holes of the Masters, which were today. So, in honor of the Masters, a comparison of my job and golf…

My friend Bill Reid and I were talking about my work and what role I play in the bigger scheme of things. Bill made the connection to me being like a golf caddy of Social Design and it stuck with me. He’s how that looks in my mind…

  • I can help you choose the right club (select the appropriate social tools)
  • I can point out the sand traps (beware the pitfalls)
  • I can tell you wind direction and speed (education on the environment)
  • I can help you with your swing and grip (best practices)

But when it really comes down to it, you have to swing the club. My job is to make sure that your swing produces the best possible outcome.

I might also keep you from throwing your clubs in the water too.