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Mike Rowland and Impact Interactions

I'm excited about all the online community folks getting into weblogs. Mike Rowland is the former Director of Operations as Participate Systems and knows a lot about how large companies are using online communities.

Mike posted recently about "Online Community Roundtable Looking For A Few Good Members"

For the past four years, I have helped run a roundtable for online community teams focused on business issues of community such as member retention, lead generation, ROI, organizational design, etc. We've grown from our four charter members (SAP, Cisco, Mercury Interactive, and Participate Systems) to over ten members (including AARP, Consumer Reports, Apple, Intel, Sun, and researchers and academics). However, we are always looking for members that can be an integral part of the roundtable and contribute.

The next roundtable will be held in Washington D.C. at AARP's headquarters in April 2005 (final dates tbd). We do not charge for membership or attending our meetings. We simply ask that you participate and consider hosting a future meeting.

If you would like to be considered for membership. Please send me an email by visiting our site Impact Interactions and using our contact us page to tell us about your interest.

I'm planning to become a member. I've met Mike once and look forward to keeping up with all the cool things he'll be posting at Impact Interactions.