This blog is where we announce new videos & talk about the power of explanation & the change it can create. 

The Common Craft Explainer Network - Now More Awesome

A few years back, we saw an opportunity to help talented producers of explainer videos be successful through a sort of marketplace or directory on our website. This became The Common Craft Explainer Network. When a company needs an explainer video for their product or service, the Explainer Network is the place to go.

Lately explainer videos have become an increasingly important part of a company's website and presentation, and there is growing demand for producers who can create amazing, usually animated, videos that make an idea, product or service easier to understand. That’s why we’re expanding. Meet three new members of the Common Craft Explainer Network...

When we first started making videos in 2007, we had a meeting with Josh Gunn, who was living in Seattle at the time. Since then he’s gone on to build Planet Nutshell, which has been creating explainer videos for over 5 years.  His company’s work is among our favorites due to its lighthearted style and focus on quality writing.
Here’s a highlight reel of Planet Nutshell’s work

A quote from a customer:
You have a particular gift for storytelling, which I believe is the key to a successful explainer video... It's worth every penny.
-Wiqas Tahir, Chairman & CEO, Envictus Corp.

Snap Videos

Snap Videos

We’ve always looked for videos producers who can serve the Spanish-speaking market. That’s why we were excited to meet Andres Vargas. Andres run Snap Videos, which is part of Giraffe Ideas, a branding and marketing company based in Bogota, Columbia. Snap is the largest explainer video producer in Latin America, works in English and Spanish languages and has worked with 3M, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Cemex, and dozens of other companies. 
Here is their intro video: 


How It Works Media

We were drawn to How it Works Media thanks to their focus on explanation and their fun, clean style. Run by Scott McGregor in Austin, Texas, How It Works Media has a philosophy that rings true - people don’t want to read text anymore. They need a remarkable, engaging way to learn and explainer videos are the key. 
Here's their intro video:

A testimonial:
It's perfect! We love it. We just got done showing it to the entire office and everyone thought it was spot on. We definitely made the right choice with How It Works Media.
Brian Lovett 
Co-founder, CEO,

Of course, these are just a handful of Explainer Network members. Head over to the network for a full selection of producers who can help explain your product or service.