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Common Craft Cut-outs: Now Available Individually

Visuals play an important role in how we communicate, but nice looking digital images can be a pain to find or create. That's a big reason we offer Common Craft Cut-outs - to provide a library of over 1,600 downloadable images that can be used in projects like presentations, blog posts and videos.

Until recently, our Cut-outs were only available through Common Craft membership (starting at $49 per year). Today, all Cut-outs are also available individually.

Common Craft Cut-outs

High resolution PNG images are $0.99 and EPS vectors graphics are $1.49.  

Just click on Cut-outs in the library, add them to the shopping cart and they'll be available for download immediately after purchase. And, as a bonus, this type of license never expires. Please note that this option is only for use by individuals - organizational use requires membership (contact us)

Want to see Cut-outs in action?

The video below by the City of Carlsbad, CA does a great job of using Cut-outs along with live-action footage to explain the process of starting a home-based businesses.