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All Common Craft Videos, Now with Captions (For Members)

Posted by: leelefever on November 2, 2011- 1:09pm

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Just a few hours after we published our first production, I learned a valuable lesson about videos.  Someone posted a comment that said something like "This video is great, too bad a deaf person can't benefit from it." Not being experienced with video at the time, it had never occurred to us that most videos are not accessible to the hearing impaired and others.   Since that time, we've learned about accessibility and that many organizations now require that videos be provided with captions.  ... Continue Reading

Introducing the New

Posted by: leelefever on May 17, 2009- 5:00pm

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A few months back, we made re-thinking our web site a top priority. We needed a better way to organize, display and sell our videos. At the same time, we saw an opportunity for our website to feel like a Common Craft video. Today is the official launch of the new and we can barely contain ourselves. A few things: 1. We need your help. As with anything new, bugs, typos, and issues of all sorts are expected. Please contact us, or leave a comment here if you see anything out of... Continue Reading