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Thing Explainer: A New Book By Randall Munroe of xkcd

Posted by: leelefever on May 13, 2015- 11:40am

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What if you had to explain something very complex, like a rocket, and only use drawings and the 1000 most-used words in the English language?   That's the constraint that Randall Munroe made famous a while back when he explained a Saturn V rocket. For example, because the word "rocket" is not in the 1000 words, he called it an "up-goer" and that became the informal name for this kind of communication. You might remember a guest post by Sally James on this blog about the idea. Mr. Munroe, whose... Continue Reading

Book Review- Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook

Posted by: leelefever on October 1, 2009- 5:00pm

Topic: Book Review

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I'd like to start with a disclaimer.  Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo, the authors of Friends with Benefits: A Social Media Marketing Handbook, are friends. While I may be biased, knowing them for years also means I know the depth of the their knowledge and experience. And that's the big point of my review of their book - these people know what they're talking about because they live in social media every day and have for years. I've asked myself in the past - What would Darren and Julie do?... Continue Reading