A New Found Passion for Social Video

I’ve come home from our trip with a new area of interest that will surely be apparent on Common Craft in 2007. In Hong Kong I bought a video camera and decided that I would start producing 2-3 minute videos of our experiences. I fell in love and it seemed like things just fell into place – the availability and ease of editing tools, prices of video cameras, You Tube distribution and overall awareness grabbed by attention in a big way.

Of course, 2006 was also the year of You Tube for everyone else, so I wasn’t the only person realizing an interest in video. The more videos I made and the more I watched the growth of You Tube, the more I understood that we’re at the very beginning of a giant, earth-shaking trend on the web that will disrupt television and add another technology to the social design playbook. For those that know me well, you know I love me some disruption.

These days I’m extremely interested in The Venice Project from the guys that brought us Skype and KaZaA. This article from GigaOm get me started. I just got beta access today and will be writing about what I see soon. For now though, this is just a note to say that Common Craft has a new area of interest since 2005 and it all about social video.

You can see a collection of our favorite videos from the trip here.