Vancouver is the Bryghtest

I feel lucky to be within 2-3 hours of a city like Vancouver, BC. To be just 2-3 hours away and be sooo different from Seattle is fascinating to me. The downtown part of the city looks more like an Asian city than anything in North America, with lots of glass and metal high rises, mostly residential. All the density of downtown makes for a bustling city, with people constantly moving about. Vancouver has the really great vibe of a modern city on the move, which IS like Seattle I suppose.

It also happens to be the home of some of the coolest and most interesting people I know. Sachiko and I went up to meet with the folks at Bryght, sans Boris, who was out of town. Kris, Roland and Richard were gracious hosts. A special thanks goes to Kris for the social direction and logistical support. Did I tell you that Bryght rocks?

I appreciate their help in getting other Canuck friends to meet us out. I met a bunch of people that I’ll be keep up with from now on…

I want to send some linky love to the folks who came out to play:

The folks we met from Rain City studios
My old friend:Will Pate
I owe a favor to: Robert Scales
The creative force:Mark Yuasa

Our old friends from Northern Voice Travis and (Super)Susie from Hop Studios.

The always fun and funny Rob Cottingham and his lovely partner Alexandra

Robert Jones from Concursion. I'm going to be keep up with Robert, he struck me as someone with lots-o-brains who is also a very accomplished poker player to boot.

Master Miscellanist and friend Darren Barefoot and new friend Ianiv from Blogaholics.

We had a great time folks- if you're in Seattle, please let us return the favor! Here's a flickr set from the trip...