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The Blogumentary Battle

The other day, Nancy White asked me if I had ever heard about this documentary about blogs called 59 bloggers. I hadn't, but checked out the (Wordpress) web site, which was a blog, but with only one entry. One weird thing was that the blogroll still had the wordpress defaults. Something seemed weird.

Then, Duncan posts Don't mess with us nerds which tells the sordid tale of the "59 Bloggers" guy and his attempted bullying of Chuck Olsen, who has been working on a blogumentary (a term he coined) since 2002 and is a friend of the blog world.

Chuck posted his side of the story along with the text of an email from the 59 Bloggers guy, basically showing his ass. Since then, some bloggers have left the 59 bloggers project and word is spreading fast.

This guy had a chance to be cool and work with Chuck on resolution, but he choose not to and went the strong arm route. Now, his actions are being exposed by people like me, who want to spread the word that the 59 bloggers guy doesn't get it.

The 59 Bloggers guy has posted a venomous description of his side of the story, basically declaring war on Chuck and the blog world. Chuck Olsen as replied on the original entry.

This is so fascinating to me. From my perspective, Chuck really tried to take the high road and never meant any harm. John Hart then proceeded to assissinate his own project by choosing to fight and spew venom instead of working for an equitable conclusion. His decision to fight caused a mob mentality among the bloggers, who feel protective of Chuck.

When it comes down to it, John Hart is exposing the person he is. Unfortunately, this kind of person is not a good match with the blog values and processes of the blog world. The blog world is better off without him.