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1/29 Explainers

From time-to-time, we like to highlight the work of Explainer Network members like 1/29 Explainers. Nick Seuser down in the Bay Area runs the show at 1/29 has serious video and animation chops. Plus, they've successfully added explanation to the mix, creating some of the most creative and high-quality explanatory videos we've seen. Below you'll see a handful of videos by 1/29 with a few notes from Nick...

Over the past few months, 1/29 Explainers has been producing a wide variety of animation styles - Stop-motion, illustrative, and 3D animation - with a diverse set of clients.  Take a look:

The Go Game App - The Go Game App is the first location-based game app to fully integrate video into the core of gameplay. It’s about real-world fun with your real live friends. The Go Game’s missions result in the kind of hilarious pictures and videos with friends that anyone would want to share through Facebook Connect.

Note from Lee:  I *love* the stop motion animation and choice of figures and costumes in this video. It has a fun and accessible feel that's genuinely entertaining. 

Healthtree "Spotlight on Diabetes" - The goal was to create a PSA about diabetes that would compel people to take action.

Extreme Networks "Ridgeline" - The challenge was to define EN’s new offering – Ridgeline Service Advisor.  Make it relevant and accessible on Extreme Network's website as well as play independently as a continuous loop at trade shows like the 2010 Ethernet Expo and Telco TV 2010.

Note from Lee: I think this video really shows off 1/29's animation and explanation skills.  The video is beautifully done, but more than that, I watched it once and had a good understanding of what the problem the product solves.  My favorite part is when the canyon crumbles. :)

If you're looking for a custom video for your product or service, contact the folks at 1/29 Explainers or check out other members of our Explainer Network