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1/29 Explainers Video: What is Geocaching?

Posted by: leelefever on March 30, 2010- 5:00pm

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1/29 Explainers, members of our Explainer Network of video producers, recently released a couple of great videos that highlight their work. Nick and the folks at 1/29 have serious video chops and have been putting them to good use in short, animated videos like the ones below. What is Geocaching? (produced for GoGeocaching- currently has nearly 90k views in two weeks!) Atlassian also hired 1/29 to create this fun video about JIRA Studios which integrates with Google Apps. Like all members... Continue Reading

Splainers Video: SMS for Life

Posted by: leelefever on March 17, 2010- 5:00pm

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Splainers recently published a new video for the Roll Back Malaria Partnership.  I'm impressed, not only with the video explanation, but the idea behind SMS for Life, which uses mobile phones to ensure that malaria medicines are available for families who may need to travel to find treatment. It's great to see Splainers working on such a worthy cause and matching their skills to an idea that becomes more clear through video. Splainers, like all members of the Common Craft Explainer Network,... Continue Reading
A big congrats to Instruxion (the company behind Animated Explanations) for being awarded the Platinum Seal of e-Excellence in Europe, which recognizes companies who have a track record of innovation. Of course, we see this recognition as further proof that video explanations are a valuable and productive element of marketing and education. Animated Explanations is based on Brussels, Belgium and a member of our Explainer Network of video producers. Here's the description of the award from the... Continue Reading

Welcoming Two New Members of the Explainer Network

Posted by: leelefever on September 20, 2009- 5:00pm

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We're so excited to have two new members of our Explainer Network of custom video producers.  Lilipip is a Seattle-based company that has been making videos for years. They're seeing new opportunities in the world of animated video explanations and we think they'll be a great fit for the Network.  From their listing: We make animated videos about your product, service, or concept. We’re an “Open-Source Creative” team with transparent pricing and processes – featuring global artists with a wide... Continue Reading

New Explainer Network Member: 1/29 Explainers

Posted by: leelefever on August 12, 2009- 5:00pm

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We're excited to announce a new member of the Common Craft Explainer Network, 1/29 Explainers. Executive producer Nick Seuser and the 1/29 team have ton of experience in the film and video world. Our introduction to 1/29 was through the "Behind the Logic" series of videos they did for Pandora. You can watch them on the 1/29 Explainers home page. We were impressed with the entertaining creative way they explain the logic that connects the music that plays via Pandora.  Here's an example: 1/29... Continue Reading